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Boy grew up in a small village in Northeast Thailand (Issan). His love of Muay Thai started when he was very young watching the older boys in the village training. He started training at the age of 8 with his father as his teacher. His first fight was at the age of 12 and since then has made Muay Thai his life.

In 2007 Boy was offered to fight for the Thai national team, but instead went to live on an island down the south of Thailand (Koh Phi Phi) to teach Muay Thai to foreigners. It was here he met his wife who brought him to Australia with her.
Finally realising his lifelong dream to open his own gym, he  now shares his love and passion for the sport to others.
Boy was the main teacher for his younger sister Bon who went on to win countless major and world championships. Boy brings you years of experience in teaching and fighting and a happy attitude to top it all off.

Fight Names:Wuttichai, Boy, Boi, Boy wonder
Age: 26
Fights: 200 ~80%wins
*Northeast thailand state champion 2002
*Northeast thailand state champion 2004
*WMC Champion 2009
*2cnd place world championships Bangkok 2005
*2cnd place issan state championships(boxing) 2005



Micheal has been a local of Cairns his whole life and currently works as a roof architect for Cairns Hardware when he is not at the gym teaching. He started Muay Thai over 20 years ago with a local gym before starting a family and continuing with his professional life.

He started back with us in 2012 and has become a valuble member of our team at Nukzu Muay Thai. Michael's years of knowlege coupled with his eye for detail, and abilty to deconstruct every movment means that in every class you will learn something new!

Laura's Muay Thai journey started when living in  Thailand in 2007.
Starting off as a dive instructor, her love of the Thai      culture took her to a Thai boxing gym where she lived  and worked. Here she learnt how to read Thai, write Thai, speak Thai, cook Thai, and met her (now) husband- Boy.

She has now been training Muay Thai for over 9 years both in Thailand and in Australia, studying yoga for many years and has been involved in many different forms of fitness and martial arts over the years.

​Qualifications: Certificate 3 in fitness, group fitness instructor.

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