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Sensei Ron Eitoshi Day

Ron Day (Eitoshi Sensei) is the highest ranked ‘To Shin Do’ Instructor in Australia with a 4th Degree Black-belt from the Stephen K Hayes To Shin Do Martial Arts Academy.
Aside from teaching at his own Cairns Quest Centre in Cairns, in Far North Queensland, Sensei Ron also teaches at schools and has put together an excellent program for school children.

Eitoshi Sensei’s passion with Martial Arts began early in life. At just 6 years of age he discovered the Art and never looked back. Training in styles such as Rhee Taekwondo, Zen Do Kai and Kickboxing he ultimately found the Ninjutsu form of Martial Arts.

Eitoshi Sensei has dedicated himself to this art as has travelled to Japan [traditional Ninjutsu] and America [To Shin Do modern Ninjutsu] to learn from the Grandmaster’s – so as to further study traditional as well as modern techniques in To Shin Do Martial Arts.

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