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What is pole dance/fitness?

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Venues offering Pole Fitness Classes:

Pole Play Studios 13/193 Hartley Street

Pole Play Studios is North Queensland’s Pole Dance, Fitness and Burlesque School.

In operation since 2005 Pole Play Studios promotes wellness in body and mind through fitness and artistic expression while creating a contemporary culture of strength, physical pride and personal and community empowerment through the arts of dance and movement.

Utilising integrated techniques including many styles of dance, yoga, circus, burlesque, pole and aerial hoop, classes at Pole Play Studios are designed to help you be the best you can be and leave you feeling confident, capable and proud.

All ages and levels of fitness are catered for with every dancer working at their own pace.



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Pole Fitness 4/175 Newell Street Bungalow

Have a great time in a truly unique and challenging sport that combines strength, flexibility, balance and creativity. Pole Fitness Cairns provides world-class training to all levels of students from beginning foundations to Pole professionals. Our qualified instructors deliver professional training in a range of classes that will increase your fitness, tone your whole body and increase your core and upper body strength in a fun and supportive environment.

Pole Fitness Cairns will give you confidence, inspiration and a whole new way of keeping fit and healthy. We pride ourselves in making this sport achievable to all fitness levels with safe, professional and affordable training.

Our mission is to encourage pole fitness as a sport, art and dance form in a supportive and creative community, to make it a life style and to keep it growing. 



Casual Classes:


Pole Play Studios